Beth, Mike and I want to thank you for helping us figure out the perfect settings for our Peloton bike. We used the Peloton guidance for our initial settings. We knew it didn’t feel exactly right, but we didn’t know how else we should adjust it.

The time you took to assess each of our physical abilities and limitations and adjust the bike accordingly was greatly appreciated. Your knowledge and passion for proper form is impressive.

We have recommended your Peloton bike fitting service to everyone we know who has a Peloton.

Thank you again!

Hope & Mike – Marshfield

A Peloton fitting? Who knew it existed? Beth came to my house with a bag full of tools and a head full of knowledge.  Using her cycling experience, Beth asked a series of questions and had me perform some movements, both on and off the bike, in order to make the proper adjustments for me. She is very thorough and remarkable. I think everyone who has a Peloton, should have a proper fitting. It’s well worth the time and money.

Jen – Marshfield

I have been a client at Cycle Lodge for many years; purchased several bikes for my children, and myself, have had bike tune-ups, fittings, and repairs done.

While picking up my bike after a repair, I spoke with Beth (who is a certified bicycle fitter) about my Peloton that I love, but my knees bothered me after riding. She suggested she could come to my home and see if the bike was fitted properly.

When Peloton delivered the bike they ‘fitted’ it to me.  However, when Beth took actual measurements it was very clear the bike fit was not even close to where it should be for my body frame.  Beth was able to fit the bike to me, and I no longer experience knee discomfort.

If you own a Peloton Bike and want the best experience with it, have Beth fit it to you!  Call Beth and have a great ride!!

Kathy – Pembroke

Hi Beth – I just got back from a quick 3 mile bike ride OMG, I feel so comfortable, I can feel the workout I should have been getting in my legs and calves; the difference is amazing!  Oh and no pain or discomfort in my hands or wrists 😊 I am so going to enjoy riding more than ever! Thank you so much!”


Under this new ChChChChange I wanted to let you know how well the system works and although it may appear less convenient, it really isn’t and it feels SO personalized. I think everyone will feel that the resulting experience is superior to any other ‘shopping’ method! Thanks for the uninterrupted,  personalized service, and I loved having all the attention!

Lenny – Hingham

I just wanted to thank you again for the countless hours you worked to get me the proper fit for my new bike. It was frustrating for me, feeling that I was being a bother and maybe all my structural issues would never allow me to feel comfortable on my bike.

You never gave up on me and more importantly, you always made me feel that my issues were valid and worth resolving. I am certain no other bike shop would have gone to the lengths that you did to get me the correct fit. Cycling is a totally different experience for me now! Pain free and enjoying a great bike.

I really can’t thank you enough for your expertise and dedication to your customers.


Hi Beth – Thank you very much for the time you took today to educate me on modern day bikes/biking.I know we only scratched the surface though already I have much to consider. I really appreciate the care you take to match your customers to the right bike, the best fit.

Great customer service!

I have something to dream about tonight!

Thanks again,


Beth and Jim are great, they’re always there to help me with whatever I need in the shop be it new shoes or getting a wheel trued. Not to mention their weekend group rides have helped me come very far as a cyclist.

Sam – Marshfield


I did want to say thanks for all of your help in choosing the right bike!  I love the fact that you sponsor rides also and have given me great advice with regards to all aspects of riding.  I have learned a ton already!

Jason – Hanover


There is no question that if you have chosen Jim and Beth Mills to purchase a Bike, clothing or service from you have made the right choice. I have been riding and racing for 20  years and a customer of theirs for over 15 years. It’s nice to know that they really care.

Richard – Marshfield


I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me.  The time you spent on various occasions to help me out, teach me, guide me and encourage me to go for it is something I will never forget.

Pam – Pembroke


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all of your help with the purchase of my new bike!  Any fears I had were immediately quelled by your attention to detail and constant reassurance that I could truly be a bike rider.

Maura – Hingham


Thanks again for a great bike and service!  you excel!

Margaret – Marshfield


Jim and Beth:

I just wanted to write and say thanks again. I love my bike. Feel great after two days. Really made the ride so much more enjoyable.

Bruce – Duxbury

I have also known Jim and Beth Mills in my role as a classroom teacher and then as an Elementary School Principal in Scituate, Mass.  Both Jim and Beth generously gave of her time to assist my elementary school students in a variety of cycling events. They were always patient, kind, and caring with my students and provided valuable assistance.

Marty – Cohasset


Words cannot describe the way I feel about you guys.  Your friendship is truly special and means a lot.
You welcomed a newcomer into your biking family with open arms and always had a place for me, even if I was not an A student. You helped me develop my love for cycling and I can take that to the grave.

Dave – Norwell


I’m a confident rider, a safe rider and I owe much of my success to the Mill’s tutelage – expert mechanical knowledge delivered with a personalized approach and a genuine love for the sport.

Debbie – Duxbury


I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the timely turnaround of my bike last week.  Jim, whatever you did worked.  The bike worked great and it was as smooth and quiet as could be.

Paul – Hanover


My new bike is GREAT!

Scotty – Marshfield


Absolutely love the bike. Sitting on my deck drinking beer just looking at it. Can’t wait to take it out tomorrow morning. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it!

Jamie – Harvard

Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort to get me on a properly fit bike so close to my race day!  I reached/accomplished my goal which was to finish my first IronMan.  The bike felt great – not a single issue.  Thanks again for your fantastic recommendations & service.

Mara – Duxbury

I just wanted you to know that I took the Ruby out this weekend and the fit was just fabulous.  The new bar made a huge difference – no pain or numbness in the hands.  Beautiful.  I can concentrate on getting back my endurance.

Thanks for your advice on this.

April – Duxbury

Love it!  Did a nice 34 mile solo ride today and everything feels tight and great.

Thank you,


What makes Cycle Lodge different  is that the love Beth and Jim have for cycling carries over into everything they do at the shop, on the road and on the trails. They never let you down and are always there to help you with advice and repairs on the road. At the shop you couldn’t ask for anyone nicer and more helpful.

Steve – Plymouth


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