One-on-One Interview

We want to know your riding preferences, past injuries and future goals

Physical Assessment

to make sure we are complimenting your position; not fighting it

Side View

to ensure “your neutral” position through seat height, fore/aft knee alignment, and reach and handlebar height

Front View

to optimize hip, knee and foot alignment for greater stability and performance, in addition to checking handlebar width and sitting squarely on the saddle

Flexibility is personal

an accurate picture of the individual’s flexibility and other physical attributes

15 Step Process

to personalize your bike position and equipment choice. Saddle selection and position, shoes, footbeds, cleat position, and handlebar position are all optimized to your body

Follow Up

we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Follow up gives us the opportunity to answer questions and make any further adjustments if needed

DSC_0855Co-owner Beth Mills has fit hundreds of riders to new or existing bicycles. Beth has achieved the highest level as a Certified Master BodyGeometry Fit Technician. In fact, she travels to CA on a yearly basis to help teach new fitters and stay abreast of her trade.  As Specialized has evolved, so has Beth; and she is now a Retul Certified Fitter.

Beth understands that a proper fit is much more than just a seat height and handlebar adjustment. Identical twins could have very different fits on the same bike, depending upon their individual riding style, flexibility, or even past injuries.

Beth will evaluate and adjust your riding position and mechanics, along with completing an overall physical assessment. Click here to see Beth’s video on correct bicycle fitting

For more information about the Retul fit system and how Data helps Beth to find your perfect fit – click here



Instructional RidesBethinactionNEW

Beth will take you on an instructional ride; she will teach you how to ride efficiently so that you can get the most fun out of your investment. Whether it’s road, gravel, cyclocross or mountain biking, she can help give you some tips and build your confidence on how to ride your bike of choice.

Although, Beth has been a competitive racer herself, her goal is to help you to enjoy cycling, whether you want to ride for fitness, to participate in a charity event, or to complete your first century, she can help you achieve your goals.


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