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The Cycle Lodge Story

The two of us have had cycling in our blood for a long time (we opened our first store together in 1991, in Hanover, Massachusetts).

Over the past 30 years, we’ve been enthusiastic participants in cycling events and activities all over the state. We’ve led rides throughout the region, helped organize the first trail maintenance day in Wompatuck, worked races, built trails, rode the Pan Mass Challenge and the MS Ride and ran safety clinics for area schools.  (Somewhere along the way we found time to raise a daughter — Lauren!)

A lot has changed since we began riding all those years ago. Today’s bicycles are lighter, more complicated and often more expensive.

And yet many things are still the same:

  1. You still have to pedal. If your bicycle fits properly you will be more efficient and have more fun in this wonderful sport.
  2. Your bicycle needs to operate properly. A qualified mechanic will make sure your bicycle is safe, smooth and moves with less effort along the road or trail.

Here at Cycle Lodge we welcome all riders, however one of our strengths is our commitment to serving women cyclists. We discovered a need among women who have a passion for riding, or want to start riding, but who don’t feel quite at home in most male-oriented stores.  We help these women choose the right equipment, get them expertly fitted and provide ongoing repair and service.  We also coach, instruct and encourage them as they continue to grow as cyclists.

Many of our customers have been with us over 28 years, coming together for our weekend rides, or dropping by to share stories of recent cycling triumphs (and occasional setbacks).   I guess you could say that for us, cycling is more than just a sport. It’s our way of life.

We look forward to helping you to enjoy riding!


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